How do I license InfoClick?

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How do I license InfoClick?

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For InfoClick sold via Apple's Mac App Store:
If you bought InfoClick via Apple's Mac App Store then it should be licensed automatically, as Apple ties the software to your Apple ID / account.

For InfoClick sold directly via the Nisus website:
If you bought InfoClick from the Nisus Software website directly, then you'll need to license it by entering your license key and customer information:

1. Launch InfoClick.
2. Use the menu InfoClick > Licenses... which will display the licensing window:
license.png (133.9 KiB) Viewed 16606 times
3. Enter both your customer information and license key.

Important: customer information is tied to the license key, and the information you enter must match our records exactly. The information required is typically your full name, but could instead be your email address. See your receipt to be sure.

This information would have been emailed to you along with your order receipt. If you cannot find it, or lost the email, please use our online license key lookup.
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