How do I create first page headers in Nisus Writer?

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How do I create first page headers in Nisus Writer?

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Basically, there is a 'default' header and footer for every document that starts on page one. To make it distinct, just start new headers and footers as of the next page. The new ones will override for the rest of the document until the next type of header and footer is inserted.<BR><BR> <center><img src="images/status_toolbar.gif" width="152" height="27" align=left></center><BR> A useful way to see visually where you have defined headers and footers is to click on the 'Display Header/Footer Icon' button in the lower left hand corner of the document window. This is the one that looks like a rectangle with a thick black top and thick black bottom.<BR><BR> <img src="images/head_foot_buttons.gif" width="11" height="42" align=left><BR> After clicking this button, icons will display in the left margin of the document window wherever a new header or footer is active in the document. Double-clicking on one of these margin icons will put you in the header/footer editing window, ready to edit the corresponding header or footer. You will also see that there is a header/footer default icon at the very beginning of the document. Double-clicking on this one will let you set up the header and footer that is active starting with the first page of the document.
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