How do I change the keyboard shortcuts?

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How do I change the keyboard shortcuts?

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Before you begin, please make a back up of the Thesaurus application. We are not responsible for lost data, a non-functioning application, or any other things that happen while you are doing this.

The keyboard shortcuts are stored in a file located inside Nisus Thesaurus. Typically this file's path will be:

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You'll want to open that file inside a plain text editor. If you're not comfortable with paths, you may find the file using the following steps:
  1. Locate your copy of Nisus Thesaurus.
  2. Hold down the CONTROL key and click the application, then choose "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu.
  3. Open the "Contents" folder.
  4. Inside you will find the file called "Info.plist", which you should open in a text editor. Nisus Writer Express will do just fine.
  5. Once you have the file opened, you will need to modify two entries (XML dictionary object key/value pairs). Each entry will look like this:

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If you'd like to disable Nisus Thesaurus' keyboard shortcuts, simply remove both entries (each 5 lines, so a total of 10 lines get deleted).

If you want to modify the shortcut, you will want to edit the line that says "<string><</string>". Eg: if you'd like "R" as your shortcut key, change it to "<string>R</string>".

Save the file when you're done. (If you used Nisus Writer Express be sure to choose Text from the format pop-up menu at the bottom of the Save sheet.)

Note that the changes will not take effect until the next time you log in to your computer.

Apple has a page on their support site that lists the common keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS X:

You may want to consult this page before changing the shortcut in Nisus Thesaurus.
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