Pleading pages and Word Perfect Mac

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Pleading pages and Word Perfect Mac

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I remember that, although it was a feature I never used, a really old version of Nisus supported Pleading Pages. From what I read in the forum subjects, the newer version of OSX Snow Leopard capable Nisus has somewhat of a work around, but the functionality is a bit problematic. Anyway, is there an old version of Nisus, that I can buy, which will do this on a PowerPC iMac running the last version of OSX that still supports Classic,:

1) Open a Word Perfect Mac document
2) Work in Nisus of some vintage with pleading pages on an iMac running Classic
3) Save the document in some format that might be opened in Word Perfect Mac with the pleading pages still showing

I am clear on the concept that on the Classic Mac OS, the formatting is in the Resource Fork, so this may be a case of "you can't get there from here". Perhaps using the printer option to produce a PDF file might be the best I can get. Any thoughts?
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