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Applying columns to selection

Posted: 2003-06-06 19:26:26
by bbrowncashdollar
I was working with a document in which I wanted to format a section of the documents with 2 columns instead of one. There does not appear to be a way to apply columns to a section of the documents. Am I missing something or has this portion of the columns not yet been implemented?

Changing Columns

Posted: 2003-06-07 02:20:42
by charles
This is easy with the Columns palette. First you will need to open the Tooldrawer. Then find the Columns palette by selecting the "Sections" palette group from the pop-up menu at the top.

In the Columns palette, the top item shows the number of columns along with plus and minus buttons to increate and decrease the number of columns. Simple make sure that your insertion point is in the section you want to change and then use these buttons of the text field to set the number of columns.

Posted: 2004-10-15 17:52:07
by Dcnblues
All right, I've figured out how to insert a section break on the same page, and inserting a column into the first section, but getting the column format sorted is a collosal hassle.

I'm not understanding how the application is thinking. For sure if you put the section break at the end of the text you want put into two columns, lets say, it doesn't simply fill the columns with that text and shorten the first section accordingly. How are you supposed to get it to work?