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Post by jwx1 »

I have awaited an OSX native Nisus. Nisus was my sole wp for years. I've followed the teaser emails, checked the web site, and wondered WHAT is taking so long. Finally, I had to buy MS Word for OSX.

After downloading the public beta, I'm very disappointed.

This program is soooo unfinished that one wonders what the Nisus folk have been doing. It is unusable as a wp, and isn't worth testing as a beta.
Too many features missing, and no clue as to the final form.

I was glad to see MS Word format importing. That feature broke after the upgrade to 10.2.6.

I won't give a laundry list. I'm just very disappointed.


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Post by mook »

I do agree. I really wanted to like NWvX, which turned out as NWE.
I had Okito Composer still at hand, and did a comparison on features, and I too find it hard to see where all the work went.
Grep searches? I guess that with the Unix underlayers that is fairly easy. At the LEAST footnotes/endnotes, at least tables, at least.. . well.

I really hope for fast improvements, but for now (and I'm afraid for the future as well) I'll stick with Mariner Write. Better good doc import/RTF export than poor native doc handling.


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Post by alkan »

As a newcomer to Nisus I have none of the expectations of those who have used the wordprocessor in its previous versions. Therefore, while I was certainly expecting greater things of the beta release, which in its present form is (as we all realise) no more than an elegant text editor, I'm still hopeful that good things may come if we can just wait long enough. Perhaps it was a mistake for Nisus to prematurely release this crippled version. But they obviously did so under pressure from all of us. If they could just impliment those essential features in the same simple, elegant and solid way as the basic design of the beta, it might still be worth the wait.

Frustrating, yes - but I don't want to write off Nisus just yet.

(BTW, I was surprised after reading one of the above posts when Nisus flawlessly opened a Word document in 10.2.6)

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Post by JBL »

The real frustrating thing for those of us who were Nisus users under OS 9 (and 8 and 7), is that we have lots of documents in the old Nisus format that are more or less unusable in NWE. I guess I can understand that getting the interface and the underlying structure of the program right might take some time. Hopefully styles, footnotes and graphics will follow quickly.

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NW Express Disappointing

Post by Daniel Siegel »

I hadn't realized that there was a shift to a web format for these lists. I was wondering why I wasn't receiving anything via email.
In any case, as a very long time Nisus user and booster, I feel that I have to add my own disappointment to that of others. I downloaded the beta, but used it only once and realized that I can't do any of my work on it - no Hebrew, no footnotes, no can work at all.
And, my laserjet 3330, which finally also has an updated driver to work as far as OS 10.2.4, now won't print in classic mode, so I have to reboot every time I need to print from NW 6.5.
If there is any way to speed things up, please find it. It is getting harder to hold on to my loyalty, which is deep.

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