switcing styles by keyboard

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switcing styles by keyboard

Post by soliphint »

Can someone tell me how to switch to and from styles by keyboard. For example, I'm typing along in "Normal" but then need to go to "Block Text" I then type in block, but then need to return to "Normal." Right now I have to move my cursor over to the palette, scroll to Block, type the text, then get the cursor over to the palette to scroll and choose "Normal" again, re-set the margins for 1.5 first line by dragging the droplet, etc. This is cumbersome. Thank you.

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quick as in keys

Post by gemboy27 »

If I understand what you are asking, it sounds like you need to define some styles with Menu Keys

I have my Normal defined with the menu key: shift-cmd-`

but when I want 1.5 spacing normal, I define that with cntrl-cmd-n

(going back to normal with the said mentioned shift-cmd-')

You could make your Block Text = cntl-cmd-b

Menu keys are defined in the preferences... of course you have to have a style already created to connect to

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Post by Patrick J »

Hello oliphint

I hope I understand you correctly.

jemboy27 is quite right. If you create keyboard short-cuts for your styles then you can use those to change style with the keyboard.

However you'll find that in Nisus Writer Express the keyboard short-cut system offers unparalleled versatility.

You can create keyboard short-cuts using a sequence of letters or numbers and a modifier key.

Here's a few examples I've created:

"Normal" style: command N-O-R
"Heading 1" style: command H-1
"Indent" style: command I-N-D

To actually use these short-cuts you hold down the modifier and then type the keys in sequence. You'll find very quickly you are doing it without thinking but at first it will be odd.

Anyway to create these short-cuts you go to Preferences then to Menu Keys, then in there you select the menu item you want and type the short-cut. It's really obvious when you get there. Don't forget to "set".

You'll see that there are some default short-cuts already for some of the common styles. You can just type over those. In fact the default ones were created before Nisus Writer Express got the multiple letter/number type of short-cuts in version 2.7.

This keyboard short-cut system is a welcome addition to Nisus Writer Express; it used to be on Nisus Writer Classic.

In addition to creating short-cuts for styles you'll find that you can create short-cuts for most things. After a while you'll have hundreds of them…

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Post by cchapin »

Another, possibly more convenient way to assign keyboard shortcuts to styles is to do it within the Style Sheet.

1. Switch to the Style Sheet.
2. Select a style.
3. Click in the box next to "Shortcut."
4. Hold down the command key (and any other modifier keys you would like to use), then type one (or more) characters.
5. Switch back to Page View or Draft View.


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o yea

Post by gemboy27 »

I forgot about the short cut box in the styles.

I don't use that much because I always wnat to save what I have done and end up changing the shortcut key to cmd-s.

But it probably is easier to do the whole production in the style sheet.

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