Chapter Numbers (Feature Request)

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Chapter Numbers (Feature Request)

Post by Matze »

Dear Nisus People!

Will there be Chapter Numbers and a Define Numbers Menu like there is in Nisus Writer Classic?

Working with Lists in NWE feels like numbering in Word! The same with Insert Section Numbers.

I am really typing numbers now!

Best regards, Matze

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Post by Ryan »

Since I wasn't a Nisus Writer Classic user, I know nothing of the "Define Numbers" command. So I can't offer anything useful in that regard.

What is it about the Section numbering that does not work the way you want it to? This is how I number my chapters, in stories and books and technical documents, and it seems decent to me.

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Patrick J
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Post by Patrick J »

I think the way numbers are implemented in Nisus Writer Express is indeed quite reasonable.

Nisus Writer Classic was really excellent in this regard with the Chapter Numbers and Define Numbers Menu and Dialogue.

It would be excellent to see that in Nisus Writer Express but as it has got a reasonably good numbering system my guess is that Nisus will probably be focussed on other issues first.

The joy of Nisus Writer Classic was that you had total liberty with the variable numbers. There was a menu to insert the numbers; each item on the menu was labelled A, B, C, D etc. Then there was a dialogue for defining the nature of each of these numbers. You could then insert each different number wherever you liked, so it was, if you like, total freedom :)

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