Legal Pleading Papers

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Legal Pleading Papers

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I was told there was an awareness of the number of legal practitioners who rely on the pleading papers function of the NW Classic. This was a feature that relied on the page-as-graphic capability. In the move to OS X it got shelved while more urgent stuff got rewritten and added. But when oh when will we—lowly legal servants—be given the one key we depended on more than any other to work freely in the legal realm? Soon? EVER? Heeeeelp!javascript:emoticon(':wink:')
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Bob Stern
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I second that. We need line numbering. It does not matter whether it is implemented as a graphic overlay.

As a work-around, you can print a NWE document to PDF, then overlay it with a pleading paper image using either the overlay feature of PDFpen ($50) or the Add Background feature of Acrobat Professional ($$$).

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