"Find All" in NWE 2

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"Find All" in NWE 2

Post by jonathandueck »

Hi, folks!

Anybody know how to get "find all" back on the tool drawer like it was in 1.x? It had a BBEdit-style listing of every item it found (a little browser-like listing in the tool drawer), which was *extremely* useful. Now "find all" just highlights the various instances of phrase X in my document, which is not nearly as useful.


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Post by JBL »

I disagree that the current version is not as useful. For example, it allows you to copy all of the instances that match some regular expression to be copied to another file.

I agree that the drawer has its uses. Maybe we could have both? If you do reimplement the drawer, I would like to see something sort of like the drawer in Preview where a) it gives you page numbers, and b) you can drag the drawer out to get more context (although in Preview there is a pretty low limit on how much more context you get... you could make it so that you get as much context as will fit on one line).

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Both would be just excellent

Post by jonathandueck »

I agree that support for both would be excellent.

The BBEdit-like panel, which shows short summaries of everything you download, is particularly useful for working with a very long document, such as an academic thesis, or with notes, i.e. fieldnotes, meeting notes, class notes. It is an invaluable tool for organizing your thoughts -- because you can write in a more or less chronological fashion and then pick out every single instance of a particular detail -- and you can look at all those instances at once, i.e. track a thought or a concept etc. In other words, it's a great writing tool (and I imagine programmers would like it too).

The current "find all" tool is not useful as above, but as you say it has other excellent uses (formatting every instance of a particular pattern, for example) and it would be a shame to lose it.

So, yes, if this is a place to request features, could we have both please?


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Post by charles »


We are planning to reintroduce this feature in a release soon after 2.5. Currently we are focused on getting 2.5 as stable as possible. Then we will move onto adding new features for the next release.

Charles Jolley
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On brining back the found items draw

Post by marc »

Hurray! ;)

That's great news. Like others have opined, perhaps this is best offered as a UI option?

Looking forward (patiently!) to future updates. :)

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