Nisus Writer for Mac OS 8.6?

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Nisus Writer for Mac OS 8.6?

Post by rlemp »


I wonder if there is a version of Nisus Writer for MacOS 8.6. My wife would like to use it for writing letters (Appleworks 6) and e-mails (Outlook) in Russian language, using a Russian phonetic keyboard layout.

Is there a way to get it?

What else do we need more to be able to write cyrillic? We got some fonts, we have the ATM.

There are different keyboard layouts for Russian used in Russia. We like to have the 'phonetic' layout. That means, if we press the key 'a' on an english keyboard, the russian letter 'a' shall come, not as usual on all other Russian keyborads, the letter 'f'.

We can't upgrade to higher version of MacOS, as we use the relatively slow PowerMac 8200 :( .

Many thanks for your replies in advance, your help is very apprecuaited.

Best regards from Sweden


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Post by dave »

Nisus Writer 6.5 works with Mac OS 8.6 and above. You can get it from here:

To write in Cyrillic, you will need to install the Cyrillic Language Kit that comes from Apple. Unfortunately, you also need Mac OS 9.x for that, since Apple no longer sells language kits seperately. Once you do get Mac OS 9.x, you can use this guide to install the kit: ... itsOS9.php

I believe the PowerMac 8200 can use Mac OS 9.x. Can anyone verify that?


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Post by mook »

Up to 9.1. But on my old Mac (4400) I used to prefer 8.6 + SpeedDoubler. 9 did not add anything I needed badly, and did reduce (perceived) stability for me.

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yea NW 6.5 runs great on 8.6, further

Post by davidchristmass »

Hi, can confirm that the lads got NW 6.5 just fine in the most part, never seen a package look so good, and never one to slate Apple, but, but, have to say, I bought AW 6 before nisus, and it was an epiphany, from start to end. I was using AW 5, and naturally expected 6 a bought copy, would update to the later translators, oh oh woe!

Do do, do, grab your Apple dealershite, by the throat, and do do do, get him to exchange it for Claris works 5. and then use the Apple works, updater to 5.03.

Its a right rocking corker of a program, and 6 don't come close to 5.

If you have used 5, you won't want 6. I just wish the boys word throw some effort into making the blessed translators available, of the latest wps. Anyway, now I have Nisus, AW serves as a great database, and NW is fine for the bookwork.

Good luck, hope you find the info helpful.


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