Can Nisus Writer handle my large file?

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Can Nisus Writer handle my large file?

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This question has many variations:
Is there a limit to the file size in Nisus Writer?
Can Nisus Writer open my file, which is X megabytes in size on disk?
Can Nisus Writer handle my document of Y pages?

Short Answer
The quick answer is that no, there is no hard limit on the size of files that Nisus Writer can handle.

Complete Answer
How responsive Nisus Writer is when opening and editing a document depends largely on its complexity. Some features, like footnotes or "wrap text around images", are more intensive than others. The complexity of a document isn't necessarily related to its file size on disk, though of course longer and bigger documents tend to be more intensive than shorter ones.

If you're concerned with how responsive Nisus Writer will be in editing your large document, we suggest that you download our (free) demo and give it a try. There's nothing like firsthand experience and testing on the computer where you will actually do your writing, since Macs have different performance characteristics.

How can I improve the speed of Nisus Writer?
If you find that Nisus Writer is slow in editing your document, you might want to switch to Draft View, which is often more responsive than Page View.

If you're still having troubles, please contact us and let us know; perhaps there's something unexpected triggering your slowdown. If not, we still might be able to improve the situation for a future update.

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