How do I move Classic Nisus Writer documents to Mac OS X?

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How do I move Classic Nisus Writer documents to Mac OS X?

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Moving Classic Nisus Writer documents from Classic Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X can result in data loss. Most often these damaged files will show as Unix Executables:
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The most likely reason is that your Classic document has lost its "resource fork". This is special data used by the Classic Mac OS to store text formatting, images, etc. If the resource fork is missing, the file will only open as plain text. Mac OS X does support resource forks, but PC formatted drives (such as USB thumb drives, iPods, etc) do not.

If you need to move Classic files via a PC formatted drive, you can reformat the drive using Apple's Disk Utility application. However, if that is not possible, just put these files in a folder and archive them using DropStuff from SmithMicro. This kind of archiving will preserve the resource forks. Then you can put the archive on your PC formatted drive and unstuff them once they are moved to the new location.

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