Why doesn't my font seem to work (or appears in red)?

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Why doesn't my font seem to work (or appears in red)?

Post by dave » 2008-06-13 23:40:55

Sometimes if you are working in Nisus Writer you may select a particular font but the characters don't change their appearance. The name of the font will appear on the menu in red (this color is customizable in your preferences):
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Why is this? Why doesn't Nisus Writer respect your choice of font?

The problem is that all fonts cannot display all characters. For example, the Courier font cannot display a Hebrew Aleph or CJK ideograph. If you apply Courier to these characters then Nisus Writer must use another font to display them. This process is called font substitution.

You can customize this process in Nisus Writer's Language preferences. Each language has a secondary font setting. If a font cannot display the characters it is applied to, then Nisus Writer will first try to use the secondary font you've chosen. Only if the secondary font also cannot be used will an arbitrary fallback font be selected.

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