Where Is the Upgrade Package?

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Where Is the Upgrade Package?

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Purchased the upgrade to Nisus Writer Pro 3.0. I then followed the pop-up instructions to complete the upgrade. (At no point did I see the "normal" instruction to move a file into the Applications folder.) After that, I went thru a separate process to enter the new key. Now the Nisus "About" function says I have version 3.0, and presumably I won't get any "Trial Version" hassle. But no where can I find an Application that says it is Nisus 3.0 -- I do still see an icon for Nisus 2.0. Nor can I find the "package" that was supposedly downloaded (which took quite some time). That's a problem since I need to load the upgraded version onto my laptop ... I will be traveling shortly and need to syn the versions. So what happened and what can I do about it?

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Re: Where Is the Upgrade Package?

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The old Nisus Writer icon is still in the about box, mostly for nostalgia's sake--the "Nisus Man" logo has been there since the Classic days, and Martin has said they left it in the About box and somewhere else, just to keep him around a bit. If it says version 3.0 though, you have version 3.0.

Likely the download was downloaded to your "Downloads" folder. However, if you cannot find the package, just download the trial version on on your laptop and enter the serial number to unlock the full version.

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Re: Where Is the Upgrade Package?

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Basically what Vance said is true, but to reiterate and perhaps clarify:

1. The Nisus Writer Pro 3 archive or installer (.zip or .pkg) is very likely in your Downloads folder. But that depends on your web browser and settings. You might also look in the Trash or Desktop.

2. If you select Nisus Writer in the Finder and use the menu File > Get Info you can check the version number:
GetInfo.png (45.73 KiB) Viewed 3834 times

Alternatively, if you have Nisus Writer running you can use the menu Nisus Writer Pro > About Nisus Writer Pro to spot the version number in the about box:
about.png (46.14 KiB) Viewed 3834 times

3. If you need to install Nisus Writer on another Mac you can either download a fresh copy, or just copy the .app package between your Macs. You don't need to actually install anything. Just copying the .app will suffice.

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