NWP on iPad?

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Norman Kline
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NWP on iPad?

Post by Norman Kline »

I created a small table in NWP in my MacBookPro. Can I export the table to my iPad ( latest generation)?

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Re: NWP on iPad?

Post by ptram »

If you export your document as a DOCX, Pages on the iPad should be able to read it. Tables are usually converted correctly, if not too complicate.


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Re: NWP on iPad?

Post by MacUnix »

With the latest update, Pages on both macOS and iOS support import and export of RTF files :
Pages for iOS can open
Pages ’05 or later
Microsoft Word - Office Open XML (.docx) and Office 97 or later (.doc)
Plain Text files (.txt)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Pages for iOS can export
Word (.docx only)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)


In the few documents I have tested I had no issues so far. I have to test how the Table of Contents and Indexes survive the conversion.

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Re: NWP on iPad?

Post by Þorvarður »

MacUnix wrote:With the latest update, Pages on both macOS and iOS support import and export of RTF files […] In the few documents I have tested I had no issues so far.
Here is what I noticed regarding RTF files. It seems Pages 6.1 has problems with footnotes.

1) Footnotes in a document saved as RTF in Pages, will appear as endnotes when opened in Nisus and (!) Pages.
2) Footnotes in a document saved as RTF in Nisus or MS Word, will disappear when opened in Pages.

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Re: NWP on iPad?

Post by xiamenese »

I've tested Pages with an RTF compiled from Scrivener which works perfectly with NWP; Pages ignores footnotes, section breaks, and page numbers. I closed it in Pages without saving and opened it again in NWP ... all those elements were there. I didn't try saving it from Pages as RTF and opening that in NWP. Presumably Apple is using a different syntax in Pages.

But it doesn't matter to me, I'd rather be using NWP anyway. For me, the only thing Pages has ever been good for is opening a .docx containing (a) badly set up table(s) … Pages sometimes makes a better fist of it than NWP.


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Re: NWP on iPad?

Post by adryan »

G’day, Mark et al

I do not use Pages except for one specific purpose. I find its ability to Set Password for individual documents quite handy, particularly in the context of iPhone use. All the editing is done in the familiar environment of Nisus Writer on the computer, then the content is transferred to a Pages document on the computer. The document is then password-protected. When the document is transferred to the iPhone, it can be viewed in Pages there, subject to provision of the appropriate password.

Admittedly this is a bit cumbersome, but I don’t do it often. However, it is useful for providing an extra level of security for critical files that are mainly meant to be viewed on an iPhone, not edited there.

With respect to the broader issue of NWP availability for iOS, it is not a high priority for me personally. If Apple moved all its machines to iOS, though, I’d definitely be hoping Nisus would be coming along for the ride!

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