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Double entries in Documetn Manager

Posted: 2016-12-21 17:10:52
by MichaelGli
Somehow I lost my Document Manager folder so I recreated it.

A search says there is now only one folder called Document Manager and its contents are:
Nisus New;
Plain Text;

But when I go File > Open from Document Manager > Templates what is listed is
Macro Template;
Macro Template;
Nisus New File (Nisus icon);
Nisus New File (Word icon);
Plain Text Template:
Plain Text Template.

When opened the Finder version of New File seems to be the same as the Document Manager version but is not available from Document Mamnager.
I've restarted to no avail.
MacPro 8-core Xeon early 2008 OS 10.11.6 Nisus 2.1.6

Re: Double entries in Documetn Manager

Posted: 2016-12-22 04:32:57
by xiamenese
For, I've had this before, when templates created under a previous version of NWP or system weren't recognised. The solution I found was to open them by double-clicking the file in the finder, then re-saving it as a template and deleting the old template.


Re: Double entries in Documetn Manager

Posted: 2016-12-27 12:42:25
by martin
Probably the most pertinent fact here is that the Document Manager "Templates" group is not an exact view into a particular folder on disk. The Templates group in the Document Manager is actually a group that can contain any number of documents from any number of folders. We call this a "custom group" as opposed to a "folder group". In that way the Templates group is more like a playlist of songs from iTunes: you can add or remove file references without affecting any files on disk.

So, to fix your confusing situation I would:

1. Open the Document Manager window, eg: use the menu File > Show Document Manager.
2. In the sidebar on the left, select the Templates group.
3. Delete references to any templates you don't want, ie: select them in the group's listing and press Delete.
4. Add references to any templates you do want. You can do that in a variety of ways, including:
a. Drag-drop files into the group's listing.
b. Right-click the group's listing and (from the contextual menu) choose "Add Files to Group".
c. Use the menu File > Choose Files to Add To Group > Templates.

I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Re: Double entries in Documetn Manager

Posted: 2016-12-30 04:44:00
by MichaelGli
Thanks, that's a very functional answer for a setup I never imagined. But then I choose Nisus because you do things differently.