problem with disappearing footnotes

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problem with disappearing footnotes

Post by flunn »

I have been using a demo of Nisus Writer Pro for the last ten days. I like it and would like to buy it, but there is one very serious problem that may prevent me from doing so. Nisus documents seem to open in TextEdit instead of Nisus unless I open the application first and then open the document from inside the application. When a Nisus document opens in TextEdit the footnotes don't appear because TextEdit doesn't support footnotes. Once when I accidentally opened a Nisus document in TextEdit and then reopened it in Nisus the footnote reference numbers appeared in normal text instead as superscripts. This had to be repaired manually. Today, however, after a Nisus document was accidentally opened in TextEdit all the footnotes had completely disappeared and when I opened the document in Nisus the footnotes were still missing.

What I want to know is
(1) whether there is any way of recovering the missing footnotes and
(2) whether there is any way of preventing Nisus documents from opening in TextEdit.

any help with this will be appreciated


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Re: problem with disappearing footnotes

Post by martin »

Hello Forrest, and welcome to the forums. I'm glad to hear you like using Nisus Writer, even if you are having trouble with TextEdit intervening. Let's get this problem solved so you don't have to worry about this in the future:
flunn wrote:(1) whether there is any way of recovering the missing footnotes and
Maybe. The first thing I'd recommend is that you try to restore a version of the document, from before you accidentally opened it in TextEdit. You can do that from within Nisus Writer:

1. Open the document with the missing footnotes in Nisus Writer.
2. Use the menu File > Revert To > Browse All Versions.
3. The document version browser will appear, which will allow you to view prior document versions. Once you've found the right version, click "Restore".
(2) whether there is any way of preventing Nisus documents from opening in TextEdit.
This is possible, you just need to tell the Finder that you want Rich Text Format (RTF) documents to open in Nisus Writer and not TextEdit. See our FAQ on how to set the Finder so it opens files in Nisus Writer.

Also, if you ever do somehow accidentally open a Nisus Writer document in TextEdit, just close the document without making any changes or saving. That should leave all content intact (even content not supported by TextEdit) because it won't overwrite the existing file data.

I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Re: problem with disappearing footnotes

Post by Hamid »

If you edit and/or save a Nisus document with footnotes/endnotes in TextEdit, notes will be lost because TextEdit does not support notes.
You can recover your document by opening the damaged file in NWP and using its Versions feature (from the File:Revert to:Browse All Versions...). You can also recover your NWP document from a Time Machine backup if you use Time Machine.
To prevent NWP RTF documents opening in TextEdit, see:

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