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Comments question

Post by writerhoward »

I am using the latest version of Nisus Writer Pro.

Is there any way I can add comments to a document and then share the document and my comments with someone who does not have Nisus Writer Pro?


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Re: Comments question

Post by xiamenese »

You add comments either by clicking the appropriate icon towards the right hand end of the toolbar, or from the entry at the top of the tools menu. If you export your file to .docx, anyone with Word, Pages, OpenOffice or a clone of that should be able to read your comments. If you save it as .rtf, people using the current version of Pages won't be able to open it, though anyone still using the previous version, whatever it was called, will.



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Re: Comments question

Post by Vanceone »

To expand a little bit: You can add comments in a number of ways. The main one is by using the button on the toolbar as mentioned above.

But here's the thing: if you don't have anything selected, adding a comment will select the previous word and add the comment to that. If you want to comment, say, on an entire block of text, you have to select it first.

Other ways to manage comments include the "comment" sidebar, which you can see if you either add a comment, select one, or go to the "View" menu and select the comment option. From the sidebar you can manage your comments; add and delete them, or edit them. I believe if you have "track changes" on, you can add conditional comments as well.

There's a few other ways to add comments; a right click will give you an option to add one. Additionally, down in the lower right, one of those many mysterious icons is a comment menu that allows you to add one, among other things.

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