Index tags problem from NWP to Word 2011

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Index tags problem from NWP to Word 2011

Post by tomoyuki-kosaka »

I found that an index tag including RTF made in NWP 2.1.2 could not correctly make index list in Word 2011.
And, also found that the XE tag in word show as like this: Kosaka {xe ¥f D "Kosaka"}
This is the problem for making index in word.
At least, this tag should be: Kosaka {xe "Kosaka" ¥f D}
But I hope like this: Kosaka {xe "Kosaka"}
In word this data can substitute by the function, but It's inconvenient.
Does someone know the other solutions?
I'm not sure but this happen in automatically indexed data.


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Re: Index tags problem from NWP to Word 2011

Post by Hamid »

Have you tried to export your RTF file from the File:Export As... menu with the filter "Microsoft Word Format (binary.doc)"?
The exported Word file should give you {xe "Kosaka:"} whether you use the auto index marking or word list marking method in NWP.

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Re: Index tags problem from NWP to Word 2011

Post by martin »

This sounds like it might be an incompatibility in Nisus Writer's RTF for XE fields (text indexing). Offhand I would theorize it's related to the font you're using in your document, and an exotic charset or text encoding specified by that font. You might be able to workaround the problem by using a different font in your document.

Would you be able to send us an example of the problem, so we can test and hopefully fix this issue? If you could send us a document via the menu Help > Send Feedback we would really appreciate it. Thanks for your help!

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