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Automatic synch files/folders to dropbox

Posted: 2015-10-26 12:16:16
by hoberdiek
I believe that this is possible. Can you send me explicit instructions on how to do so? Thanks!

Re: Automatic synch files/folders to dropbox

Posted: 2015-10-28 16:31:30
by martin
There's nothing special required to have your Nisus Writer documents sync using Dropbox. Just save any Nisus Writer document to your Dropbox folder and it will be automatically sync'd just like any other file. Dropbox (and now iCloud Drive) is nicely generalized that way, so it works with all software.

The one way in which you can customize Nisus Writer to work with Dropbox is that you can choose it as your default autosave location. Open your Nisus Writer preferences, switch to the "Saving" pane, and look for the autosave options. From the popup button you can choose your Dropbox folder as the default destination.