docx highlight conversion problem

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docx highlight conversion problem

Post by tomoyuki-kosaka » 2014-05-03 05:46:21

I'm now considering how to convert highlight data in NWP rtf to Word docx.
Some times the highlight information is not stored in converted file from NWP.
If docx "highlight" is imported into NWP, the infromation convert to "Background color".
And also docx importer of NWP still have this problem as same as libreoffice, certainly.
In addition, if export as docx from NWP, highlight is disappear in Libreoffice (I'm not confirmed in Word 2011)

I believe this is most harmful problem for sending docx files to someone, especially for me.
Does any one know the most convenient or effective way to convert files from rtf to docx and docx to rtf with including highlight information.


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