Examples of Kindle books with illustrations done with NWP?

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Examples of Kindle books with illustrations done with NWP?

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Hi -- I'm trying out NWP for several uses. I'm currently writing novels in Scrivener, and using Kindlegen with Scrivener to create the mobi files for the Kindle versions. But that is harder for me than maybe for some people and I'd be glad to find something easier. I'm wondering if the epub files Nisus makes might be fine for me.

But it's the illustrated books that my husband is currently doing--and ones I have in mind--that have me on a quest to find a method for doing illustrated Kindle books. I'd love to see any examples you've done where I could look inside the book at Amazon.

I'm on a MacBookPro with 10.8.5 version the operating system and I don't use that thing that lets you use Microsoft products. My husband is on a Windows 7 laptop. He has Word but won't use it for books after being burned in the past. (We've been self-publishers for decades.) He writes and lays out his books in InDesign 3, which came out quite a few years ago, but he is a frugal guy! Neither of the books he's published so far are in Kindle versions, just Createspace. Here's one of them: http://www.amazon.com/Rolling-Shelter-V ... 916289370/.

So... I'm curious about doing illustrated books with Nisus. I've looked at InDesign CC and gulped at both the price and the learning curve. I have Pages and that might do what I want, don't know yet. I want to be able to do somewhat interesting layouts but not as fancy as the ones in the book I linked to.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and examples!

Zana Hart

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