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Hide/Show Anchor

Post by hoberdiek »

I don't much like the anchor that goes with a Text Box. Is there a way that I can hide/show it?

Thanks for all your helpful instructions. I'm gradually getting the hang of Nisus....

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Re: Hide/Show Anchor

Post by martin »

That depends on which anchor you mean. Looking at the screenshot below, which shows a selected floating text box, you can see two anchors:
box.png (16.31 KiB) Viewed 1969 times
The first (leftmost) anchor only appears while the text box is selected, and can indeed be hidden, but it's not so obvious how. In your Nisus Writer "Appearance" preferences, you'll want to adjust the customizable colors. Look under Invisibles & Guides > Shape anchor and turn on the "hide this highlighting" option.

The appearance and visibility of the second (rightmost) anchor is tied to your "invisibles" preferences, and cannot be controlled individually.

I hope that helps.

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