inserting a tab in a table cell

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inserting a tab in a table cell

Post by DavidK »

***Original Question***

I have a block of text in a table. I want to insert a tab at the beginning of the block. When I press <tab>, however, the cursor moves to the next cell. How do I insert a tab?

***Edited and answered below***

I found the answer by searching support from the Nisus web site. I saw a reference to using option-tab, which worked.

I am leaving this post in the forum because my first attempt at finding the answer was look through the menus. When that didn't work, I looked at the manual. I couldn't find the place in the manual which would answer my question, so I am hoping the Nisus people can think about this issue and find a way to make the answer more obvious or intuitive.

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Re: inserting a tab in a table cell

Post by phspaelti »

I believe the ability to insert a tab in a "tab-context" using <option>-tab is a mac wide standard.

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