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track changes display

Posted: 2012-01-27 06:38:17
by robertb
Is there a way to switch the track changes display from the balloon to an in-text system: double-underlined insertions and strike-through deletions?

Right now, this is mostly curiosity on my part. The copy editor who handled the manuscript for my book (I had sent him a Nisus Writer Pro 2.02 rtf file) sent me printed pages to review. He used Word to do the editing. The pages showed the double-underline and strike-through style and made me wonder if it can be done in Nisus.

Robert Blade, Jacksonville, Florida.

Re: track changes display

Posted: 2012-01-27 16:44:39
by martin
We don't have a similar display mode available in the main document view itself; NWP's document area always displays the final/current text.

However, we do have a separate tool available that provides that kind of markup: use the menu Tools > Track Changes > Review Changes. That brings up a panel that can show you a mixed/prior text state, including red strikethroughs for deletions, etc. One nice thing about the Review Changes panel is that it allows scanning through the document using whole sentences/paragraphs as the batch mode.

Re: track changes display

Posted: 2012-01-28 08:11:07
by robertb
Thanks. I hadn't noticed the review changes panel; it looks useful.