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Snow Leopard Text Services

Post by bjast »

Is there a way to get Snow Leopard Text Services to work in NWP? Specifically, the ability to type a fragment of a word, such as "t" and have "Thanks" automatically appear?

I know this is possible to set-up within NWP, but I have already established a bunch of these in the System Preferences set-up panel.


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Re: Snow Leopard Text Services

Post by martin »

I'm afraid not. Currently NWP does not tie into Snow Leopard's correction/expansion feature at all. You'll have to work through NWP's "QuickFix" preferences to set up any typo corrections and glossary expansions you want.

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Re: Snow Leopard Text Services

Post by MacSailor »

Another solution is to use SpellCatcher since you then can take advantage of the typo corrections and glossary expansions feature of SpellCatcher in nearly all applications and not only applications that are working with the new Snow Leopard Text Services.

SpellCatcher works with both NWP, NWE, Pages, Mellel and many, many other word processors and other applications. I have not regretted that I bought SpellCatcher several years ago. It has paid off well. :D
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Post by Bob Stern »

Typinator also is superb.

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Re: Snow Leopard Text Services

Post by greenmorpher »

Never forgetting Typeit4me. :D

Cheers, Geoff

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