Awesome... Works with VoiceOver!!!

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Awesome... Works with VoiceOver!!!

Post by tgrushka »

Found reference in a forum that NWP works with VoiceOver... and it does! I downloaded, tested, then purchased immediately.

I am a university student who is visually impaired, and a die-hard Mac user. Please consider openly advertising NWP's compatibility with both VoiceOver, and MS Word document formats, as there is common misconception that Macs are not accessible to the visually impaired. We need more software like yours that works well with VoiceOver! Now I am finally able to start using it!!!

Thank you, Nisus!! I'll keep you apprised if I run into any glitches with the VoiceOver functionality.

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Re: Awesome... Works with VoiceOver!!!

Post by martin »

Thanks for your enthusiasm! We're happy to hear NWP works for you.

Please do let us know if you run into glitches with VoiceOver. We actually have been notified by some other users of a few problems (notably that misspelled words are not spoken out as such), but are looking into fixing them.

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Re: Awesome... Works with VoiceOver!!!

Post by marc »

FWIW once you're happy with your VoiceOver compatibility, I'd agree it's a very worthwhile feature to not only appear in the full feature list, but be called out as a significant feature, a la Indexing, Bookmarks, Cross References etc. on the NWP page.

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