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Typesetting Text...

Post by LongTermUser »

I am having a problem in opening a large file that gets stuck on the Typesetting Test... . The progress bar reaches 90%+ then stays.

The document is over 100 pages and has multiple formats due to its function as a storage of many calculations, equations, and illustrations.


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Post by Elbrecht »

Well -

what hardware/software specifications? Would be helpful to have more info!
What amount of RAM are you running - you never have enough RAM installed...

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Post by LongTermUser »

My machine is a G5 iMac, first generation 1.8GHz with 1G of RAM running OX10.5.2. Using NWP 1.03.


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Post by xiamenese »

LongTermUser wrote:My machine is a G5 iMac, first generation 1.8GHz with 1G of RAM running OX10.5.2. Using NWP 1.03.

Then I would think you're up against the slow-downs that result from running 10.5.2 on a PPC computer that doesn't support the necessary graphic acceleration in the graphics card, so it's handing it over to the CPU, and on only 1 GB RAM you might well be ending up with a lot of swapping out to disk.

It's probably just taking a loooonnnggg time thinking and drawing out the text pages.


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Post by Groucho »

So, if you have a double processor G5 equipped with 1 GB RAM, and running Leopard, you can hope to type as fast as my old LC with 12 MB RAM and system 7.
So much for technological progress!

Cheers, Henry

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Post by greenmorpher »

The question might well come down to what graphics card you have to cope with OS X.5.x's new demands.

There are a lot of muscle cards around on eBay at the moment for pretty reasonable money.

Cheers, Geoff

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