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underline to italics

Post by samuelas »

Like the subject says, how can I replace underlining with italics throughout a document?

thanks for the help.

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Post by Hamid »

Place the cursor anywhere where there is underlining. If the underlining is not a defined character style but just an attribute, you will see in the Statusbar at the bottom right of the document window a small button or tag with an underlined ‘a’. Click on ‘a’ and from the menu which appears, apply ‘Select All’. This should select all occurrences of underlining. Then, while all underlining is selected, click on ‘a’ and from the same menu apply ‘Remove Font’. This will remove underlining while keeping selected what was underlined. Then press Command-i which will put all selected text to italic. If you want italic to be a defined character style and not just an attribute, instead of pressing Command-i, do the following:
Click on the character style button (another button with underlined ‘a’ next to the Paragraph style button) in the Statusbar and from the menu which appears, apply ‘Emphatic’.

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Post by martin »

Hamid's instructions will work, but may not select all the text in your document with an underline. The "Select All/Range" menus found on the font tag (the little "a" icon) select only text with attribute overrides applied (eg: attributes that were added manually, not via a style). So using the "Select All" menu from the font tag will miss out on text that was underlined due to style formatting, eg: text marked in the default "Heading 5" style.

The way to select all underlined text, regardless of where the underline formatting comes from, is to use attribute sensitive Find:

1. Open the Find window.
2. Click the gear icon button next to the "find what" field and select the menu Wild Card > Anything. This inserts the "Anything" PowerFind bubble.
3. Select that PowerFind bubble and apply an underline. This automatically turns on the "attribute sensitive" option.
4. Click the "Find All" button.

Now you can reformat all the underlined text as you see fit.

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