Idea about tabbed view / reasons I like the software

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Idea about tabbed view / reasons I like the software

Post by Aaron »

Hello All

I was really pleased to find NWP, since Word was driving me crazy and I had been looking for a LONG time for something that could replace it. The interface is great and the program is really fast. The ability to conveniently use the table of contents for browsing is, for me, the killer feature.

One thing I would like to see in the future is some kind of a solution to the problem of trying to move text quickly between documents. Dragging windows around to do this is a real pain. What would be the advantages or disadvantages of tabs, like those in Eclipse or almost all Web Browsers now a days?

This could be combined with a simple command to show two open documents side by side, for copying between them, and letting the user revert to the original view by repeating the command.

Anyway, I guess I'm a nerd, cause I'm excited about my new word processor.


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Post by martin »

I'm glad to hear you're excited Aaron :)

Thanks for your suggestions for working on multiple documents at once. They're both on our grand list of features ideas that we've had requested before, but I couldn't say if either might be added. There's certainly quite a few on the list!

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Post by ptram »

My preferred option would be to use Exposé or Cmd-> to switch between open documents, and have an Arrange option under the Window menu, allowing for quick horizontal/verticall arrangement of windows (a bit like the commands in Photoshop).


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Post by craigminah »

I am in the midst of a college course where I have to manage 6-7 documents weekly along with a checklist. Tabs would help me keep track of things.

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Post by wb »

The Macintosh way is to have a multiple-window interface. Tabs are great for web browsers because you can have lots of sites loading in the background, behind the current tab. A menu command (and a keyboard shortcut assigned to it) to step through a set of document windows would do the job here.

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Post by samuelas »

Since it´s in the air I send another vote for tabbed browsing, whether or not is the "Mac way." My impression is that Mac apps are demanding more and more screen space, and making tabbed browsing an option would help in that regard. Incidentally, as I recall the LaTeX editor Texmate permits this.

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Re: Idea about tabbed view / reasons I like the software

Post by jeffisme »

I have been thinking about this lately. It seems to me that having tabs for different files is an idea whose time has come. I see it was on the list of considerations for Nisus a while back. Is it still being considered. It would be so great to have be able to click and forth in between files instead of moving them around.

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