Feature Request: Zotero integration

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Feature Request: Zotero integration

Post by izzymcm »

Hello, I am currently using the Zotero (http://www.zotero.org/) plugin for fire fox as a reference manager and I would love to see if some one could whip up a macro for it or better yet some form of tighter integration.

Does this sound worthwhile?

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Post by samuelas »

This sounds completely worthwhile. I hope this gets on someone's radar. It's surprising that no one has responded to either your post or mine.

I don't have the coding skills to do this. Maybe the Nisus folks can give us an idea as to whether or not this is or will be a priority. For scholars what Zotero does is much, much more important that the text editor we use. It would be great if Nisus were an option since it has a lot of great features and I enjoyed using it in the past. However, I won't be using Nisus again until such integration emerges. I understand the Zotero developers are currently working on a Zotero plugin compatible with Word 2008, which wouldn't rely on VBA. It is possible, from what little I understand, that this might result in a plugin that works with other text editors. Have a look: https://www.zotero.org/trac/ticket/698

In the meantime I've discovered that I really like NeoOffice, which works well with Zotero (I even found a few tweaks that make it look a little more Mac-like to boot).


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