User Guide page numbering

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User Guide page numbering

Post by Derick »

The NWP User Guide begins with a bunch of unnumbered pages (the T of C) then 6 pages with Roman numerals. While this is appropriate for a paper document, it's kind of a pain with a PDF. If I open the user guide and search for a phrase, the first hit is usually in the Table of Contents, but the page #s given in the T of C aren't the same as the pages of the PDF document itself.

e.g. search for "page numbering" - the first hit is in the T of C at page 9 in the PDF. This line in the T of C refers the reader to p. 143 of the paper document. But none of the hits in the preview search drawer are on p. 143. The first one is p. 159 (of the PDF) which, it turns out, isn't the information I was looking for, just the T of C for the Headers and Footers subsection. The actual information, it turns out, is p. 167.

So I could just remember to add 24 to whatever page #s appear in the T of C to get the actual PDF page. But I think it would be easier if the User Guide were renumbered so that PDF pages and T of C pages were the same.

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User Guide page numbering

Post by Hamid »

I spent some time redoing my copy of the Help PDF so that the pagination matches correctly. I put the TOC at the end and removed non-functional pages. It was worth it.

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