footnotes in word count?

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footnotes in word count?

Post by soliphint »

Is there a way to get NWP to count the words in the footnotes as well as the document?

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Post by mountainman »

AFAIK, basically you have to do it manually. Put the cursor in any footnote, choose select all, and get the count from the Stats. Then add that to the count for the main text if necessary.

In the future I hope there will be an option to include footnotes/endnotes in the count.

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Re: footnotes in word count?

Post by Hamid »

soliphint wrote:Is there a way to get NWP to count the words in the footnotes as well as the document?
As a workaround you could use a PowerFind Pro expression in Find:
and press Find All. This gives the total count, which is slightly different from the total when you add up the two sums separately from the Stats window.

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Post by Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus »

Also note that NW counts new lines as characters, so the actual number of characters is the number of characters displayed by NW minus the number of paragraphs! I had a big fight over this with a client a long time ago, and it was really, really unpleasant to finally admit I was wrong. This was right after I'd switched from Word to Nisus.

We discussed the issue with the developers, but they seem to advocate their method of counting the number of characters as opposed to the conventional method.
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Re: footnotes in word count?

Post by SteveW928 »

I'd add this to my request list as well. It might be good to put in prefs, but some kind of visual indication in the stats pane would be nice as well to quickly know if it is on or off (counting footnote or not).


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