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Diaresis in header/footer

Posted: 2020-10-28 06:43:29
by sjha
I have just encountered an unexpected problem in NW Pro 3.1. I am unable to enter letters with a diaresis (e.g. รค) in the header or the footer of my document using the usual Alt-u method. In the same document in the body of the text or in a table cell there is no problem. Any suggestion why this might be?

Re: Diaresis in header/footer

Posted: 2020-10-28 08:34:33
by martin
This is indeed a bug that was introduced in Nisus Writer Pro version 3.1. We will have this issue fixed in the next software update. For now you'll have to workaround the issue by copy-pasting the desired special characters into header/footer areas. Sorry for the nuisance!