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Section breaks

Posted: 2020-08-19 08:27:49
by xiamenese
When I compile a document from Scrivener, chapters are separated by section breaks. That is fine, because I have two streams of notes, one of which I want as Endnotes at the end of each section, the others as footnotes at the bottom of the page. However, NWP seems to have "This section has different headers/footers" permanently on and greyed out, so adjusting page numbering doesn't propagate through the whole document.

If I do a Find and Replace to replace section breaks with page breaks, any page numbering changes propagate through the document as I wish. But the Endnotes move to the end of the whole document, as there are now no sections.

How do I switch off different headers and footers for sections? I couldn't find it in the manual, and noted on the way by that the image in the manual also has them ticked and greyed out.



Re: Section breaks

Posted: 2020-08-19 09:14:48
by martin
Hello Mark!
xiamenese wrote:
2020-08-19 08:27:49
How do I switch off different headers and footers for sections?
This should be possible for all sections beyond the first section. In other words, the checkboxes "Different Headers" and "Different Footers" should be enabled for sections 2 and greater. So what you want to do is turn off different headers/footers for section two, so page numbering in the first section's headers/footers continues onward. Please let me know if you have any trouble with that.

One tip: if you want to standardize the headers/footers for your entire document you can do so by editing multiple sections at once. Select all document text from section 2 to the last section, and then uncheck the options for different headers/footers. That way all other sections will mirror your first section.

In case you're curious, the option is not enabled for section 1 because it's impossible not to have different headers/footers. The first section must always establish new headers/footers, because there is no prior section from which to inherit!

Re: Section breaks

Posted: 2020-08-19 13:25:25
by xiamenese
Thanks Martin. I blush to say I found this by accident a few minutes ago. My cursor must have been in Section 1 all the time before, even though I was looking at lower sections. So all is good from that point of view.

I've had to send in a couple of crash reports, but said I would send the file I was working on later in an email. I'll do that tomorrow if I get a chance. It involved the macro to import and set styles, so I attached the macro, the preferences file and the various logs.