Merge documents: name for individually saved files

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Merge documents: name for individually saved files

Post by johseb »

According to NWP3 manual (page 547) the "Merge document…" dialog should set the name of individually saved files to "First Name Last Name".

Unfortunately NWP defaults to the fixed string "file" which results in the not so useful names "file (1).rtf", "file (2).rtf", etc. The manual also says that is possible to override the default but doesn't explain how.

Luckily I still have an old NWP2 manual around and, looking at an image, I found that the correct syntax uses $ and {} as in ${First Name}, ${Last Name}, ${Merge Record Number}, etc.

@Martin, is it possible to restore the correct default for the dialog?

(I'm submitting this on the forum since the post shows a solution in case someone else is facing the same issue)

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Re: Merge documents: name for individually saved files

Post by martin »

The user guide definitely needs some additions and corrections with regard to the file name template used by mail merge. I'm sorry for the confusion.

But yes, you can customize the file name that's used for each mail merge record. As you discovered you want to enclose the desired merge property names in curly braces, prefixed with a dollar sign. For example:
template.png (15.85 KiB) Viewed 1827 times

As for the default split file name behavior, that looks like a bug. I don't think you'll be able to do anything to have Nisus Writer automatically detect and customize the split file names. You'll have to fill it in manually (as described above) for now. I'll get this issue filed as something to fix. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! And sorry for the nuisance.

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