Text disappearing in a table

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Text disappearing in a table

Post by Kadah »

I have a problem with tables. When there is too much text in a cell, Nisus does not show the text, it gets cut off. The cell does not continue on the next page. Is there a text setting or a cell setting to change that? Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Re: Text disappearing in a table

Post by adryan »

G’day, Kadah et al

The following menu command may help in some cases:–

Table > Sizing > Fit to Contents

To the best of my knowledge, Tables as a whole can extend over more than one page, but individual rows cannot.

Things you might try, in order to shoehorn a slab of text into a particular cell, include:–

(1) altering column width and/or row height by dragging cell borders with the cursor, or by using the Table Cells Palette, or by using Sizing options from the main hierarchical menu
(2) minimizing cell padding by using the Table Cells Palette, or by using Table > Cell Padding…
(3) altering the row order so that your problematic text does not fall foul of a page break
(4) extending the outer borders of the Table to the page margins
(5) decreasing the page margins (so the workspace is larger) and then applying (4) above
(6) decreasing the font size
(7) choosing a different font face (such as a condensed style)
(8) tightening the kerning
(9) decreasing line spacing
(10) using abbreviations where possible
(11) adopting a more concise writing style
(12) changing the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape, or vice versa
(13) using a larger paper size
(14) manually splitting the problematic text so that it occupies the rows straddling a page break — being aware that this could cause various sorts of problems if this text, or any preceding document content, is altered subsequently.

There may be other remedies.

Now that we have Document Split View (thanks, Martin), my main feature request is multi-page columns, so that column content could continue across a page break and not be forced to flow into the next column unless commanded to do so. This would be particularly useful for side-by-side translations.

It occurs to me that it might just be possible that such a feature could also form the basis for Table cell content to straddle page breaks.

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