Different page sizes in the same document

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Different page sizes in the same document

Post by bmscmoreira »

Hi everyone,
as stated here - https://www.nisus.com/pro/help/Set-Pape ... rgins.html - one can have multiple page orientations in the same document as long as we use different sections.
However, I was trying to get different page sizes - eg. A4 portrait and A3 landscape. I can split the document in sections and use page setup in each of them and configure different page sizes. The appear OK in Nisus interface, but when exporting to PDF, margins get messed up: A4 prints fine, but A3 contents are completely out of margin and cropped.
Is this scenario possible in Nisus? Thanks!

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Re: Different page sizes in the same document

Post by martin »

It is possible to export a PDF using multiple paper orientations (landscape and portrait), but using multiple paper sizes does indeed cause trouble. As you said, the content in the larger pages is simply clipped. I'm sorry about that.

This will require some investigation, to see if we can improve Nisus Writer' behavior. It looks like there may be a limitation in the PDF processing tools provided by macOS and Apple. For example: although Preview.app can view documents with multiple paper sizes, it seems like only a single paper size can be saved or exported. If you take a multi-paper-size PDF and export it using Preview.app, the result will only include a single paper size. The content from differently sized pages is simply scaled to fit. Perhaps Nisus Writer can use a similar technique.

Thanks for reporting this problem!

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