Black on black formatting error

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Re: Black on black formatting error

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One possible cause is that I might have picked up something weird when I was copy-and-pasting material from PDFs and web sites. When I looked at the Fonts in the document, I saw a couple of odd fonts listed. Maybe I also picked up some odd html code?

Alternatively, maybe I accidentally hit something odd when using the touchpad on the Air laptop. I find it very clumsy to work with, and it tends to change font size in odd ways.

In any case, definitely bizarre, and it caused a momentary panic until I thought to try selecting text and saw it was there. I'll keep an eye out for anything similarly wonky and will let you know if it turns up.

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Re: Black on black formatting error

Post by martin »

I randomly experienced what sounds like the same bug: my text editing area's background color incorrectly switched to black text on a black background. In my situation the causal event was that the file was modified externally, i.e. by an app or process other than Nisus Writer. That can trigger an automatic reload, which incorrectly used the wrong background color. This seems to only affect Draft View.

I'll file this bug to be fixed in the next Nisus Writer software update. Hopefully the cause is the same for your situation, and the forthcoming fix holds for you too.

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