Calendar macros not working anymore

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Calendar macros not working anymore

Post by Þorvarður » 2017-09-10 23:26:45

Prompted by Will N too's recent post regarding a calendar, I checked Kino's calendar macros I have and realized that some are not working anymore, and others have U.S. format which I would rather not use. Would it be possible to fix those macros?
I decided to upload three and partly change the original names to indicate what's not working.

"Insert Calendar; needs repair and Monday FIRST"
1) This macro used to run fine, but something prevents it from running now.
2) I would also like Monday to be the first day of the week

"Insert Calendar Monday FIRST"
This is an older Perl script and still works fine, except the week begins on Sunday. I would like the week to begin on Monday.

"Calendar with Days"
1) It would be great if all the weekdays were checked by default instead of having to check the 7 days each time the macro is run.
2) Have 11.09 instead of the U.S. format 9/11
3) Ideally I would like it to look like this; but the sequential numbers in the first column and the colors are less important, I can add them myself.
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