"Typewriter Scrolling" Apple Script in here

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"Typewriter Scrolling" Apple Script in here

Post by Chrow »

I was missing the popular "Typewriter Scrolling" feature in Draft and Fullscreen View. So I made an apple script that does not do that, but at least something similar. It basically keeps scrolling down. So you just have to put a few empty paragraphs at the end of your document and voilà: Typewriter Scrolling.
Since it actually moves the scroll bar and does not emulate key inputs you can type and use key shortcuts without problems.

The following actions stop the script:
- changing between Fullscreen and Non-Fullscreen View
- changing into Style Template View
- starting the "Stop Typewriterscrolling" script

You can, however, change between Draft View and Page View (even in Fullscreen Mode). The script has no effect in Page View, but it does not stop either.

Problem: As you might have noticed, the script keeps you at the end of the document, so you can't have Typewriter Scrolling while editing something further up. But there is a good reason for that: This is the first time I ever used Apple Script and I have no idea what I am doing. Also, Typewriters couldn't edit written text at all, so this actually makes it a bit more authentic.

Feel free to edit and improve these six lines of code, but please re-upload, so everyone can profit :).


I just threw them in my Nisus Documents Folder (the Document Manager Directory) in a sub-folder and NPW lists the in a submenu und Macros.


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Re: "Typewriter Scrolling" Apple Script in here

Post by reh-im-mond »

Thanks for that… Unfortunately the download links don't work for me. Typewriter scrolling is actually a must have feature for a word processor these days, I'd love Nisus Writer Pro to have that implemented for fullscreen- and draft-view. At present state, I have to do most of my writing in Scrivener, which is a good app, but for many projects I would actually prefer to use Nisus… But without typewriter view, Nisus Writer Pro sits in my applications folder and I only use it for corrections and layouting – no way I would write a longer text on a MacBookPro without typewriter scrolling… (sorry my English…)

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Re: "Typewriter Scrolling" Apple Script in here

Post by Will N too »

Another vote for Typewriter Mode or Typewriter Scrolling.
If as I do you write a lot, it's obvious that this should be an option.
Consider: No one in the history of computing has ever placed the cursor to start typing at the bottom of the screen. NO ONE.
Yet every word processor quickly takes and leaves you there.

What are the word processors that have this feature?

Nisus are you reading this?????

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