How do I reload the filters?

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How do I reload the filters?

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<OL><LI>Disable the current Claris folder by typing the word (disabled) after the word Claris.</li> <LI>Create a new folder in the System folder entitled Claris.</li> <LI>Insert the Nisus Writer CD (or your first Nisus Writer disk into the disk drive) and choose Custom Install.</li> <LI>Install the File Type Translators.</li> <LI>Restart your computer.</li> <LI>Throw away the XTND Translator List from the Preferences folder.</li></OL> Once you have emptied the trash, you can launch Nisus Writer. You should now see the Word 5 and 6 translators in the lower right portion of the Open dialog. If you have filters you need in the other Claris folder, you can switch folders by interchanging the "disabled" status. You can also copy the filters from the old one into the new one making sure not to duplicate anything.

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