I am having problems printing my Japanese text.

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I am having problems printing my Japanese text.

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Try printing Japanese text from SimpleText. If it does not work, try using a different print driver. (See the "Chooser" to select your printer driver.) If the LaserMaster uses a LaserWriter driver, there are many different versions of the LaserWriter driver to choose from. If you are using "LaserWriter 8" it is possible that you do not have the latest LaserWriter 8 driver (8.3) which fixes problems with WorldScript I fonts and possibly with WorldScript II fonts, as well. If you do not have the LaserWriter 8.3 driver, or that one doesn't work, try the older "LaserWriter" driver version 7.x. Sometimes that driver works when the LaserWriter 8 does not. <br> If your printer does not use the LaserWriter driver and there is no alternate driver to the one you are using, contact the printer manufacturer to see if it is compatible with Macintosh 2-Byte Japanese fonts. They may have a newer driver that works with Japanese for the LaserMaster printer. <br> If you can print from SimpleText and not from Nisus Writer, try switching drivers (if possible) and print from Nisus Writer, to see if a different driver works better with Nisus Writer and the Japanese. If you still can't print, contact us again and let us know the details of the problem again, and all you have tried so far. I also suggest using one of the fonts that has a printer font (PostScript or TrueType font) associated with it (I think the ones supplied with the JLK have names that end with "-M") to see if one of those prints. The standard Osaka font is a screen font only. <br> If you cannot print from SimpleText either, then the problem lies in the setup/printer itself and not with Nisus Writer. It is possible that the printer cannot print Japanese text. <br><B>User Mark Napier offers another suggestion:</B> <ul> I have an HP LaserJet 4000N. It refused to print Japanese correctly even with the latest version of LaserWriter 8 and the latest software from HP. The workaround is... rather than printing, save. Specifically Save your file as a PostScript job and <b>be sure to select binary rather than ASCII</b>. You do this by selecting "File" instead of "Printer" as your destination in the Print dialog. Select your desktop printer as the save location. When the computer converts the file to a PostScript job, the desktop print monitor sees a valid PostScript job waiting and proceeds with printing.</ul>

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