Can I set a default font/size/style/etc. for new documents?

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Can I set a default font/size/style/etc. for new documents?

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<B>Create a Nisus New File.</B> Choose New from the File menu and set all the attributes as you want them to be. The attributes you set can include not only font, size, and style, as well as headers and/or footers, but also named and unnamed rulers, defined styles, whether or not the text bar is visible, whether or not invisible text is displayed, and so on. In short, pretty much everything. Now save your document as a stationery file, name it Nisus New File, and place it in the Stationery folder inside the Nisus Writer Tools folder. Nisus Writer then opens this stationery file every time you choose New from the File menu.</P> <TABLE CELLSPACING="2" CELLPADDING="2" ALIGN=CENTER> <TR> <TD Align="Center"> <IMG SRC="images/new_file.gif" WIDTH="27" HEIGHT="32" alt="New File"><BR> <span class="p">Nisus New File</span> </TD> <TD Align="Center"> <img src="images/stationery_folder.gif" width="31" height="25" alt="Nisus Stationery"><BR> <span class="p">Stationery</span> </TD> <TD align=center> <img src="images/nw_folder.gif" width="31" height="25" alt="Nisus Folder"><BR> <span class="p">Nisus Writer Tools</span> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>

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