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by frazman10
2020-07-27 14:00:40
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Sentence capitalization
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Sentence capitalization

I’m having trouble with the Transform Text: Sentence Capitalization. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this behavior. 1. If I type this sentence: the class is to read A Tale Of Two Cities . 2. Then execute Sentence Capitalization , I get. 3. The class is to read a tale of two cities . As yo...
by frazman10
2020-01-02 08:17:51
Forum: Nisus Writer Pro
Topic: Drag and drop gone
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Re: Drag and drop gone

I was having the same problem in Nisus Express when in a draft mode, not page mode. I found if I just add one character to the page, the page will handle drag and drop properly. In other words, I only had the problem when adding picture to blank page. I hope this helps.