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NOTE: this software is for Classic Mac OS (eg: OS 9) and cannot be used on Mac OS X.
Nisus Writer Classic is no longer for sale. This page is only for archival purposes.

Nisus Writer FAQs
Speech Recognition

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How do I use ViaVoice?

     ViaVoice does not play nicely with Apple Speech Recognition so the first thing to do is turn off Apple Speech Recognition using the Extensions Manager or de-install it using your system CD.

Then install and "train" ViaVoice.

The version of ViaVoice you need the Enhanced Edition (USB Microphone) of ViaVoice installs a sub-menu into the Apple menu. If you choose Direct Dictation from that menu ViaVoice brings up a floating window. On the left of that window there's a microphone indicator/button you use to toggle it on or off. Just to the right of that is a simulated LED simulation of a sound level meter. To the right of that is another indicator/button showing/controlling whether dictation is on. Below is a pop-up menu and you can optionally use that to have it display a window listing ViaVoice's "speakable items".

ViaVoice likes to be running before you start Nisus Writer so it would probably be best to go to the Apple menu slide down to ViaVoice and then choose Direct Dictation. That should bring up its floating control window.

Once the dictation interface is going start up Nisus Writer and put the insertion point in a document window. If it's not on (green and vertical) click on the microphone to turn it on. If there's bright red showing in the dictation button click on it to turn it on. Also in play is the Sound control panel with which one can select which [kind of] microphone to use and test the sound level.

If it seems to get excruciatingly slow sometimes it helps to delete the "training" files that it uses to model your voice and go through that part of the set-up process again. One of the problems with machine learning algorithms is that they sometimes learn how to make mistakes and this will give it a fresh start.