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NOTE: this software is for Classic Mac OS (eg: OS 9) and cannot be used on Mac OS X.
Nisus Writer Classic is no longer for sale. This page is only for archival purposes.

Nisus Writer FAQs
Printing and Faxing

Nisus Man

Why can't I Fax directly from Nisus Writer using faxSTF and the Option-Print method?

     Inside the faxSTF controls, choose a key combination other than Option for the Fax method. Inside Nisus Writer, Option-Print is used to do a Print All.

My documents print off-center, even though the margins are all identical in the Layout Page window. What gives?

     This problem occurs on some (but not all) non-Apple printers when using the LaserWriter 8 driver. We are working on a permanent fix. In the meantime, if your printing is off-center, there are two solutions for you. One solution is to change to the LaserWriter (7) driver and print. This will not have that problem. Another solution is to change the Reduce or Enlarge percentage in the Page Setup. If you change the percentage to anything other than 100%, your margins will also print correctly. You can change the percentage to 99% or 101%, or you can leave it at 100% and go into the Page Setup's Options (usually a button labeled "Options") and turn on "Precision Bitmap Alignment." This will print as if you set the percentage to 96%. Another choice is to turn on "Precision Bitmap Alignment" and change the percentage to 104%. This should print the document at about 99.8%.

I have Nisus Writer with a Language Key and a Global Village fax modem. Every time I try to send a fax, my computer freezes. What can I do?

     There was a conflict between an earlier version of WorldScript I and an earlier version of GlobalFax (the irony was not lost on us...). Both products have since been updated, and interestingly, installing a newer version of either one will fix the problem. If you have GlobalFax 2.08a or earlier, you can purchase the upgrade to version 2.5 from Global Village for about $25. The newer version of WorldScript I is included with our Language Key software, but unfortunately, it only works reliably with System 7.5 or later. If you upgrade your system to System 7.5, you can run the Language Key installer again and it will place the proper version of WorldScript I into your Extensions folder.

My PCI Mac is having printing problems; do you have any ideas?

     (Taken from CompuServe Apple Technical Support forum) Apple has heard reports of printing issues on various computers with various printers and as a result, we are investigating. We have been able to reproduce some of the symptoms being described and are working to identify a solution as quickly as possible. It is important to note that there may be multiple issues each with a different solution.
     First, perform normal printer troubleshooting such as resetting the parameter RAM (PRAM), checking cabling and connections, troubleshooting extensions and system software, turning off background printing and trying more than one document, application, cable, printer or computer. Note that there may be some issues specific to non-Apple printers or applications only that are beyond Apple's power to resolve. For anyone experiencing an issue printing, please use the following workarounds: If you are using version 8.3 of the LaserWriter driver and you cannot print without experiencing an error or a freeze, Apple recommends that you remove desktop printing extensions and use the print monitor.
     If you experience freezes when printing multiple documents, Apple recommends that you try a print server if one is available or only print one document at a time while this behavior is under investigation. If printing certain documents only consistently freezes the computer, please contact 800-SOS-APPL for further instructions. Your assistance with these steps will enable Apple to more quickly isolate the cause of this behavior. If you are having difficulty printing from only one program, contact the manufacturer of that program for further assistance. If you have not already done so, try printing a read me file in SimpleText or printing a window from the Finder. If you cannot print from any application, then try restarting with System 7.5.2 only extensions enabled. If you are then able to print, then one of your disabled extensions is the cause. If you did not run the Disk First Aid program prior to performing a clean installation of the system software, please do so.
     If you are printing over AppleTalk, you should be using a pair of terminated LocalTalk connectors, not a single serial cable. If the network is larger than these two nodes, try isolating it to just the printer and computer. Try turning off background printing. If you have not already done so, try printing from another port. Using the AppleTalk control panel, you can route AppleTalk through the modem port.Please consider the following when trying to isolate the cause of your issue.      If you need further help with your issue, please contact the Apple Assistance Center at 800-767-2775 with the results of the above troubleshooting. Apple Technical Info Library References Use the search string "reset PRAM" to locate the article "How To Reset Parameter RAM." Use the search string "7.5 and Conflicts" to locate the article "System 7.5: Troubleshooting Extension Conflicts" Use the search string "7.5 and Clean Install" to locate the article "System 7.5: Clean Install Procedure"

I am having problems printing my Japanese text.

     Try printing Japanese text from SimpleText. If it does not work, try using a different print driver. (See the "Chooser" to select your printer driver.) If the LaserMaster uses a LaserWriter driver, there are many different versions of the LaserWriter driver to choose from. If you are using "LaserWriter 8" it is possible that you do not have the latest LaserWriter 8 driver (8.3) which fixes problems with WorldScript I fonts and possibly with WorldScript II fonts, as well. If you do not have the LaserWriter 8.3 driver, or that one doesn't work, try the older "LaserWriter" driver version 7.x. Sometimes that driver works when the LaserWriter 8 does not.
     If your printer does not use the LaserWriter driver and there is no alternate driver to the one you are using, contact the printer manufacturer to see if it is compatible with Macintosh 2-Byte Japanese fonts. They may have a newer driver that works with Japanese for the LaserMaster printer.
     If you can print from SimpleText and not from Nisus Writer, try switching drivers (if possible) and print from Nisus Writer, to see if a different driver works better with Nisus Writer and the Japanese. If you still can't print, contact us again and let us know the details of the problem again, and all you have tried so far. I also suggest using one of the fonts that has a printer font (PostScript or TrueType font) associated with it (I think the ones supplied with the JLK have names that end with "-M") to see if one of those prints. The standard Osaka font is a screen font only.
     If you cannot print from SimpleText either, then the problem lies in the setup/printer itself and not with Nisus Writer. It is possible that the printer cannot print Japanese text.
User Mark Napier offers another suggestion:

Printing Nisus Writer tables on 1+ Pages

     The answer is much easier to convey pictorially (so please check the manual to version 5.0 page 290ff), but here goes, If you would like your table to be longer than one page in Nisus Writer, follow these directions:
  1. Insert the table onto one page of your document using Table... from the Insert menu in Nisus Writer.
  2. Select the table in the Nisus Writer Document and choose copy from the Edit menu.
  3. Crop the bottom of the table so only the top portion is displayed.
  4. Move the insertion point to the next page and choose Paste from the Edit menu.
  5. Crop the top of the table so only the bottom portion is displayed. The table heading will only appear on the top of the first page, so if you want the heading on the second page you can:
    1. Paste the table again, above the second portion.
    2. Crop the table so only the heading is displayed.
    3. Move the bottom of the heading and the top of the second portion together, so they line up with each other.
     I hope this is helpful for you. You have to think of pasting in each page you want to appear then cropping them down so that the correct page is showing.