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NOTE: this software is for Classic Mac OS (eg: OS 9) and cannot be used on Mac OS X.
Nisus Writer Classic is no longer for sale. This page is only for archival purposes.

Nisus Writer FAQs

Nisus Man

Why do I get an error -109 at startup?

     Check two things:
  1. Do you have Kaleidoscope installed? (If so, turn it off.)
  2. What Font you have set in your Appearance control panel? (What happens if you set it to Charcoal?)
Either of these changes (or both) should solve your problem.

I just upgraded my Nisus Writer from version 4.1.6 to the newest version, and it is hanging the machine every time I open the program. Why?

     For about 95% of people who've reported this problem the following solved it:

Take all the files called "Nisus..." from the Preferences folder inside your System Folder and put these in a folder called "Preferences Nisus".

Every time I do a copy or a paste, Nisus Writer crashes. What's the problem?

     This is the current information on the Epson printer (the probable cause of your crash):

The ONLY problem that gives your symptoms, which we know about, is the conflict with, what is now, an older version of the Epson 800, 740 and perhaps some other printer driver (still being shipped with the printer). The latest version, obtainable from their web site, does not have that problem.

Epson has posted a revised driver for the Stylus printer (at last!!!).

For all of those on this list who have been dealing with the German epson site, workarounds, kludges, and crashes, I am happy to report that the new driver appears to function normally with Nisus Writer 5.1.3 operating under OS 8.5.1

The revised driver is available here.

Will you please put Command-P for Palatino instead of Print? That would help me so much!

     Surprisingly, we get questions like this a lot. Then, we enlighten the people that they can set whatever keyboard shortcut (up to 3 letters) they want for whatever menu command they want.

Refer to the Keyboard Shortcuts page in the Tips section for more info.

Why isn't my font menu WYSIWYG?

     Sorry, just press the option or Command key and they appear immediately, rather than needing to read in slowly.

We decided against having them appear in WYSIWYG mode all the time after much debate. Many people use fonts that do not represent alphabetic characters and if the font menu was always in WYSIWYG mode these would be completely unreadable.

I hope you understand.

Where is Solana Beach?

     It is a small beach community just north of San Diego.

How do I use the Nisus Grammar Tool?

     You'll find the documentation on the Nisus Grammar tool in the Help folder inside the Nisus Writer Tools folder.

To start the Grammar Tool (as explained in the Grammar tool's documentation) add the tool to the Word Services menu at the bottom of the Editing Tools submenu of the Tools menu.

How come every time I make a change to the format of my paragraph the entire document changes shape? I just wanted to change that one paragraph!?

     You'll notice that the ruler that governs your paragraph is "named" this means that if you change the formatting of that ruler all paragraphs "governed" by that ruler will also change.

The Nisus New File has a Named Ruler at the top (called "Normal").

You can insert another Paragraph Ruler (choose the command by that name from the Insert menu) and reformat that.

There are a wide variety of ways to change the shape of paragraphs. You might want to check the Online documentation section:

      Creating Documents
            Formatting Documents
                  Working with Paragraphs
                  Structuring Paragraphs
                  Maintaining Rulers

If you feel you are not techincally adept enough for that you might want to use one of the alternative Nisus New Files. After expanding what you download you can put the folder Nisus New File Alternatives inside the Stationery folder then move the one Nisus New File you want so that it is loose in the Stationery folder:

      Nisus Writer 6.0 Folder
            Nisus Writer Tools
                        Nisus New File Alternatives

To learn how you can make your very own Nisus New ("default") File check the page Whose 'Default' is it Anyway?