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NOTE: this software is for Classic Mac OS (eg: OS 9) and cannot be used on Mac OS X.
Nisus Writer Classic is no longer for sale. This page is only for archival purposes.

Text Macros

 Macro Name Author Vers Date Description
Ted's NisusOutliner Suite Ted Goranson 1.0 15/9/97 This is a complete suite of outlining macros. There is extensive OneClick support which is included. Copius documentation is included. These macros support authoring for import into another style set or a layout program, and are not intended for "light" back and forth outlining.
Reverse Lines John Henderson 1.0 18/8/97 Reverses the order of the characters in each line. Unlike NW's 'Reverse' format, this actually moves the characters. This allows sorting in the reverse order. Rather slow.
Find Words Macro  Kirk McElhearn 1.0 11/3/97 This macro looks in a document for any words that are not in the main dictionary or the active user dictionary. It then places them into a new document, removes doubles, and sorts them alphabetically. This is useful to set up a glossary from a document, especially for translators.
LogPackage Jan Erik Moström 1.0  12/3/97 The purpose of this simple script is to maintain a work/log book (and work as a tutorial). It consists of one stationery file and two macros. A detailed description (intended as a tutorial for those who are trying to write their first NW macros) can be found here.
Format Reference List Macro Håkan Friberg 1.0 19/3/97 This macro will format a reference list of author-date type at the end of a document, for example one generated by Endnote Plus.
Repeated Names To M-dashes Macro Håkan Friberg 1.0 18/3/97 Change all repeated author names (or equivalent) in a reference list or bibliography. Match has to be exact. If one but not both items indicate editorship or similar, no substitution will take place.
1 column to 2 columns Jan Erik Moström 1.0 22/3/97 The purpose of this macro is to convert a single column text to a two column text thus making it possible to simulate a document with both 1 and two column text. (Since Jan has set up a web page about this macro, which explains it very clrearly, the link from the macro name at left is to that page, not to the macro file. You can download it there. This page is especially recommended for beginners.)

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